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Burning Our Bed...

En klassiker....Bjuder på texten oxå...
Underbar Live video och underbar låt med en underbar man...
Se,Lyssna och njut!!!!


"Baby, dont you shed a tear for me
I wouldnt want to waste your time
You talked a lot of trash and ya lied to me
But babe, you never even tried

Oh, oh, oh
You can hold my heart for ransom
But youll never own my soul

Baby, I might lose my mind
Maybe I might lose my head
But one thing Ill never do
Is swallow my pride crawlin back to you
Baby, Im burning our bed

There used to be a time when you were everything
My flame thru the night
You got me hot
Then you blew me out
Like this match Im about to light

Oh, oh, oh
You can tear my heart to pieces
Left me standing in the cold

Baby, I might lose my mind
Maybe I might lose my head
One thing I gotta do
Is torch those sheets and  pillows too
Baby, Im burning out bed

Well, I used to think your were so fine
How could I be so blind"



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