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Insidious Disease Video...

Jag har redan berättat om deras debut album tidigare, nu är det så äntligen dags för en video med dom.
Insidious Disease växer bara mer och mer i mina ögon faktiskt och nu hoppas jag på en fortsatt strålande karriär!

Videon i sig är även lite lätt baserat på seriemördare eller ja.. läs själva:

"This video features the guy from our 'Shadowcast' album cover. His name is Roar Hoch-Nielsen. The story behind it is obvious. Roar has the role of a loving father and husband with this kind of funny hobby. He likes to read riffle magazines and after the family went to bed he is starting his obscure work. My part in the video is being the 'electric eye' filming his work.

We think that something like this happens; we had a case in Austria where this guy tortured his own daughter for over 25 years. He made everyone believe that he was a loving and caring father, but that clearly wasn't the case. Something like this could happen right now. Maybe it's your neighbor who seems to be the nicest person around, but behind closed doors the dark abyss of abnormality is the total reality."



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