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Decadence Senaste Pressutskick...


har nyligen släppt följande pressutskick.

"Decadence wishes you all a happy new year. Here follows our first update for 2012.

The new album is progressing and we are currently looking into distribution possibilities and other administrative work related to the release.
It is already clear that the new album will also be available through our website for quick shipping everywhere.
No quantity limits will appear when ordering this album as was the case with ‘Chargepoint’.
The music material is finished but still we are not yet ready for the release.
As this album will present Decadence in its finest days we don’t want to rush the final recording.
Later on we will inform about the final release date.

We have also news in the line-up.
The band is now strengthened by introducing an additional guitarist sided along Kenneth Lantz, his name is Kristian Järvenpää.
Welcome on board!
Further, Erik Röjås, our drummer during many years has now engaged in other music projects and has decided to leave the band.
The new drummer of Decadence will be presented soon.

Considering the above mentioned news as a whole it is clear that the new album will have a fresh start with a new five-piece line-up and great new intense material."

Ska verkligen bli spännande att följa framtiden med detta band, inte sant?


Postat av: Mary

Absolut! Och Erik Röjås också! ;-D

2012-01-10 @ 17:16:19
Postat av: Mary

Sv: Ja de är ju ett bra band! :-D

Men neeej... "Further, Erik Röjås, our drummer during many years has now engaged in other music projects".

Han var deras förra trummis men han spelar nu som fast medlem med oss och hans andra band Netherbird. De är också ett bra band! Kolla in dem på

Det går att ladda ner deras nya EP på sidan! :-)

2012-01-10 @ 17:25:03

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