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Hate - "Vi har beslutat att fortsätta med bandet"...

Basisten Slawomir "Mortifer" Archangielskij från det polska extrem metal bandet Hate dog i sömnen den 6 April efter att ha drabbats av en hjärtarytmi.
Den 27-årige led av oregelbunden hjärtrytm och dog av naturliga orsaker, enligt ett inlägg på bandets Facebook-sida.
Gruppen tillade: "It is also known that Slawek suffered from asthma and had problems with breathing whilst asleep (obstructive sleep apnea)."
I ett nytt inlägg via bandets facebook sida säger dom följande:
"We would like you to know that we have decided to continue with the band and keep on doing our job as always. There is still a big hole in our hearts, but we do not want to focus on mourning over the tragedy.
Instead, we decide to focus on the band and keeping it alive as well as all the ideas we shared with Mortifer.
We treat what we do as a mission and we cannot see the end of it.
On some shows to come, we will be accompanied by Mortifer's wife Alexandra on bass guitar.
She has been in the business for some time and been involved in a few Russian bands before.
As an experienced musician, she will undoubtedly manage on the stage with us.
On other shows, we will be joined by Piotr Kolakowski (NEYRA), a talented musician who had previously been on stage with us as a session musician.
The festivals below have been confirmed, but there are more to come soon."
Hate - Alchemy of Blood Live 2013 (R.I.P Mortifer)


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