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Ensiferum Släpper Dryckeshorn...

Ensiferum har släppt följande uttalande:
"Hail mighty Tavern Warriors!
We are very excited to offer you an item that we have dreamed about making for a long, long time.
A truly unique must-have item: A genuine hand-made ENSIFERUM drinking horn — only available here exclusively for you!
We've searched far and wide to find someone capable of crafting these fine items (made from genuine horn) - but the wait is finally over.
At nearly 50 cm length, 0.6 kg in weight and holding around 0.6 litres (19", 1.5 lbs, 20 fl. oz.), the horn is finished with the ENSIFERUM logo in water-proof (also beer-resistant) ink, including a removable shoulder strap.
We wanted to maintain the balance between affordable price and a high-quality product, suitable for our dedicated fans.
At 64,90 € + Shipping (available worldwide) — this is an offer fit for the truest of ENSIFERUM's Elite Warriors.
The offer expires next Wednesday (October 23rd) — so be quick to avoid disappointment.
"Please note: This offer is on a first-come, first-served basis. If the number of orders exceeds the number we can produce then we may have to terminate the offer early — consider yourself warned!"
Ensiferums dryckeshorn kan köpas här.


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