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Vinnare I Tävlingarna...


Dags att presentera vinnarna i min två tävlingar.

För svaren och vinnaren i tävlingen "Vinn Två Biljetter Till Rise Against, Touché Amoré Och Architects..."

1. Rise Against kommer från vilken stad?:

2. Touché Amoré har fyra influenser, vilka?:
Converge, Raein, La Quiete och Pg.99

3. Architects första namn på bandet var?:

Vinnaren vart:
Ida, efter en hård lottdragning så står hon nu som vinnare.
För er som inte vann denna gång finns det fortfarande några plåtar till denna tunga kväll kvar att köpa här.
Stort Grattis!

Then there where the competition "Grimgoth´s Sister Sin Tävling..." where you could win a signed copy of there CD "Smash The Silence".

It´s allways hard to find this little extra in a motivation.
But I finally did... The fact that an crazy hardrocking fan from U.S.A. find my blogg and this contest is amazing.
The more amazing part is that he could translate what to do, and then i read his motivation and was blown away.

And again it´s fun to see that Swedish rock n roll can spread it´s way all over the world, i guess that´s what it all about.
We don´t make any differens who ever you are and where you´re from!
Why should music and the immortal lifestile of metal do so?

So here is the lucky winner and his motivation, you are a real trooper Mike McIntyre!!

"I grew up listening to heavy metal when it was REAL music played by REAL rockstars!
Rebels who took the rock n roll lifestyle as seriously as a religious oath- sex, drugs, and rock and roll meant something to them.
Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Accept, WASP..these bands rocked hard and gave their all in their stage show and their music.
It's been 20 years since I've felt a new band came along and captured that essence again- until SISTER SIN!! From the first time I heard their music, I knew there was no faking it with this band.
The lyrics, the live stage show, the energy, the power in Liv's voice, the intensity in Dave's drumming, and the raw power in Jimmy's shredding- this band is the real deal!
A throwback to the "fuck you!" attitude of the mid 80's!
A true metal head doesn't follow fashion, doesn't care about what's considered "in" or "popular"- they play what feels right and they let the aggression flow.
SISTER SIN doesn't care about radio hits, power ballads, or charting on the pop charts. Fuck that.
From the first bass note played to the final drum beat, they come out with one goal in mind- to punch you in the fucking face and deliver a heavy metal boot to the gut!
You want real metal?
Put on "Devil I know" and crank it up to 10! Or listen to Liv go toe to toe with metal Queen Doro on "Rock and Roll".
SISTER SIN take no prisoners, make no apologies, and accept nothing less than full throttle, straight ahead ROCK AND ROLL.
It's time to sit up and take notice, folks- SISTER SIN is the TRUE SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND!
Wake up and realize it, or get ran over and left for dead in her heavy metal tracks!
I would LOVE to have this awesome collectible to add to my SISTER SIN collection of raw goodies!
I'll even pay for shipping if I win! ;)
Thanks for considering me in your contest!
ROCK ON!!! \m/"

You see what I mean?
This is the best motivation ever, I think?!

I´ll shall check up shipping and other things as soon as posible, even if I would hand it over face to face just so I can shake your hand!
Thanks and keep on rocking Micke!
(Ignore my crappy english to)



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